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Change of the Interim Management Market

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Today's complex market situations demand more flexibility from companies to deal with quickly changing situations and environments. As a result of this, topics like sensitivity for costs, lean management and flexible workforce are getting more important to international as well as local players.

This is also quite visible in the Interim Management market, a market which was almost unknown 13 years ago within Continental Europe although it has been a well established in the UK and the Netherlands, with high demand growing rapidly over the last 10 years.

This development also changed the type of candidates acting in this market. In the early days of Interim Management the “classical” Interim Managers were most likely males in the age of 55 – 65 who were appointed to do full-time assignments in classical line management positions. Interim Management for most of the candidates was usually the last station before or even after retirement.

Today the “modern” Interim Manager (females and males) with different age ranges and levels of experience are used according to customer demand, with high experience and skills needed in various situations. The situations vary from transformation projects (e.g. implementation of new systems, internationalization, restructuring) to classical line management roles. Today, beside the respective expertise topics like hands on mentality, leading by example and flexibility are important to be successful in this market and also expected from the client.

The growth in Interim Management will come beside mature markets such as the UK, Netherlands and Germany especially from regions like CEE and MEA. We should keep in mind that although Interim Management has developed tremendously in these regions, through continuing to raise awareness of the benefits from Interim Management this will help move neighbouring markets to the next level.

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