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Interview with Patrique Habboo, Partner at Matrix Interim LLP

Q: Patrique, you are a partner at Matrix Interim, tell me more about what you do?

A: Well, the clue is in the name! We are a specialist boutique provider of Interim Managers, I guess what differentiates us is that we operate solely at the senior end of the market, we work on the more complex and challenging searches in that space.

Q: Was that a strategic decision to focus on the senior end of the market?

A: Actually, it is more a mixture of evolution, strategic direction and personal preferences to be honest. We continuously strategically review our own positioning, and with many providers heading to the relative safety of the bulge bracket, higher volume, mid-tier market, we saw an opportunity to move more towards the senior end of the spectrum….lower volume, but much more complex, where we have the best networks and importantly the  greatest impact for our clients.

Q: Can you clarify what you mean by “senior end of the market”, what kind of roles does that cover?

A: Typically C-suite or their direct reports, along with large scale Transformation and Programme Directors.

Q: Do you feel that makes your searches at Matrix Interim harder to deliver?

A: In some ways yes, the demand for the very best talent is always high, so we need to be very well networked and fleet of foot, the contract values are often high so negotiations can be more protracted and complex, often with elements of shared risk reward so we have to help all parties construct solutions that satisfy all, and these are high profile, mission critical assignments which will have high impact across the client organisation, so there is a strong consultative element to our work in getting the diagnostics right at the outset so we can frame the correct solution.

However, the interim managers we introduce to clients are amazingly talented subject matter experts, with long track records of success, so in reality that makes our job so much easier. To use a footballing analogy, it is akin to being a football agent, but one who represents the Messi’s, Ronaldo’s and Gareth Bales’s of the interim management world….they do all their talking on the pitch!

Q: Interesting analogy, so are we talking £300,000 a week contracts then?

A: Ha, if only! We can always hope.

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