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Max Whitlock The 4 Fundamentals Of Marketing Success

Max Whitlock The 4 Fundamentals Of Marketing Success
Promoted by Max Whitlock The 4 Fundamentals Of Marketing Success

Denise Oyston is the CEO of Super Fast Recruitment a company dedicated to help recruitment organisation attract more clients, candidates and talent.

I don’t know about you and I have watched more telly in the last couple of weeks than I have in years!

I’m gripped by the Rio Olympics and how Team GB is performing. One of our clients is running
a campaign that is based on supporting local charities related to the number of Gold Medals
we (TeamGB) win, which has both our companies watching out for yet another charity receiving
a donation.

This post was inspired by sensational Sunday, as its now being called, and one Mr Max Whitlock. Though I truly felt for Louis; Max Whitlock’s comments struck a chord.

When the reporters asked him how he handled the back to back floor and Pommel competitions he came out with a classic line that, ‘he was here to do his job and not get distracted’……now therein lies some solid advice.

If only we all ‘did’ our job and focused on the basics and fundamentals we would be astounded at the results, we went on to achieve.

Never more so than when it comes to marketing, an area well known for its rabbit holes and bright shiny objects.

As an organisation that teaches marketing to ambitious recruitment business owners who want results a common first question they ask is; “where do we start?”

In the words of Mary Poppins, “at the very beginning…….”

1.Have a vision

I could go on all day about the power of having a vision, something to aim for. The premise is to have a vision for what you want your marketing to achieve and then you can move into building a system around this.

Truly successful organisations are successful because of the systems they have and the people that manage them.

2. Have a target market and study them in detail

This area always causes consternation and yet when you have made your decision about your exact niche and nailed your flag to the mast, you can accelerate in all areas of your business.

Far too often we spend our time being ‘general’ when it comes to our market. The truth? We make it hard for ourselves as being specific with who we are targeting makes it easier to communicate and market to. In return this will deliver fast and consistent results. As an example if your ideal client is a HR manager or director remember they aren’t all the same.

Scratching the surface on how targeting works: A HR manager in an organisation with 100 people is very different to a HR Director dealing with 500 employees. Lay over this their professional background, personal motivations and industry experience and the marketing messages you craft will be totally different.  Have you drilled down to this level of detail?

3. Create your marketing plan

Not the sexiest thing you would expect me to say and a simple Excel spreadsheet has saved many a marketing director from ending up on the scrap heap.

Here you can plan out your activities. Remember marketing is about creating a demand for your recruiting service. That demand then translates into people being aware of you and your dominant presence in your sector.

Your plan needs to contain some of the following as a first start.

  • A website that engages with both clients and candidates
  • Content that sells you as the expert
  • Marketing messages that connect with your audience
  • Sales and marketing funnels
  • A focus on building a database of targets that you communicate with
  • A suite of email campaigns
  • A strong social brand

4. A consistent approach

A big failure when it comes to marketing your service as a recruitment company of choice is the lack of consistency.

Here is something to remember; the benefits of your activities will build.

A quick excited rush of adrenaline as you discover marketing automation might produce some initial warm leads. Stop it and the real benefit of consistent marketing will never be yours.

The Olympics grabs many of us at an emotional level because we marvel at and applaud the dedication of athletes around the world. Though Max is a mere 23 I sense he is one focused young guy who will consistently hone his craft and reap the rewards.

Facts: This approach works in every area of our life including growing our recruitment organisations.

Will you ?

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