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Recruiters among least trusted professionals in the UK
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Recruiters among least trusted professionals in the UK

Recruiters are among the least trusted professionals in the UK – ranking as less favourable than debt collectors or salespeople.

The research, conducted by GAP insurance brokers ALA, asked respondents to rank a range of professions on a trust scale of one to ten, with one being the least trustworthy and ten being the most trustworthy.  

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Comments (1)

  • simon hudson
    simon hudson
    Tue, 9 Oct 2018 12:39pm BST
    Recruiters do get slammed alot but, alot of it comes from a gross missunderstanding about the true role of a recruiter. Recruiters do in the main seek to probvide a high value add service to ther clients and to candidates. But, TRUST usually goes hand in hand with LOYALTY and candidates are not loyal to recruiters nor are employers and so you have the perfect storm for high levels of distrust because the relationship is not based on loyalty.
    Most distrust and negativity comes from candidates who believe the role/existance of the recruiter is for them BUT, recruiters are paid by filling a job they are consented by an employer support.
    If a candidate had two jobs;- one they are paid for (a recruiter paid by an employer) and one that they are not (Candidate seeking a job), which job would they prioritise??? Most of the irritation candidates feel surround the fact that employers are not using recruiters in the same way. Many employers say one thing to a recruiter then do another such as changing the mandate without notice, giving the recruiter little or no control as employers go out to multiple recruiters, job boards and their own internal HR teams to actively source talent. Its no wonder that recruitment processes are often a mess!!!
    Their are 3 parties to any recruitment equation and its easy to 'blame' the recruiter when employers can be at fault and so can candidates who often just assume because they can do a job they are somehow entitled to get a job but often forget a key fact;- to do the job you first have to compete to win at getting the job and they are two very different skills sets.
    I'd also say that recruitment is one of the toughest 'sales' jobs. Why? Because both the customer and product are animate unlike most sales jobs where atleast the product is unually inanimate so you have fewer people to influence and align.
    A number of new providers like have recently been established which help to counter this imbalance and create a more harmonious and trusted recruitment experience whether you are the jobseeker or employer.

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