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Why celebrity Board members can benefit business


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Why celebrity Board members can benefit business

Collectively, the Board of Directors is responsible for hiring the company’s CEO and is accountable for setting the overall direction and strategy of the business.

When fine tuning the individuals making up the Board, it is in the company’s best interest to have numerous different personalities and people with different skillsets to offer unique insights. But what happens when business start to recruit celebrities to the Board?

Serena Williams

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Comments (1)

  • Paul Robertson-Marri
    Paul Robertson-Marri
    Mon, 25 Feb 2019 2:24pm GMT
    I am not sure I would have put celebrity and Boards in the same sentence. Whilst the literal definition of celebrity is someone famous and usually within the sport and entertainment industry, there is unfortunately also a negative connotation that some celebrities might be vacuous, shallow and espouse trivia in exchange for large financial rewards and very little ability. Whereas conversely Boards are places of intellectual rigour, business acumen, debate, governance, team synergy (or not) and strategy and the future of an organisation rests on their successful stewardship. What then does a celebrity bring to a Board? - usually none of these attributes and they are unlikely to be found in a first class sports person either? I can understand politicians like Al Gore being wooed by business (e.g. Nick Clegg and Facebook) because they can open doors to government but that does not make them necessarily suitable for Boards or business, because the competencies and attributes to be a successful Board member are both demanding and complex. Sports men and women are excellent at what they do - predominantly single minded focus, determination, drive, strength of character etc - qualities not necessarily required or effective in a Board room.

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