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Are you giving jobseekers the right information?

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Are you giving jobseekers the right information?

Getting a job advert right is crucial. Ads that provide candidates with the appropriate information to inform their decision will be attractive and more likely to boast higher response rates. However, Citizens Advice research has shown that historically jobseekers aren’t given the right information from the get-go.

Stats have found that two in five job adverts were unclear about whether the job was full or part-time, while one in ten job postings didn’t specify either an employer or an agency on the advert. So, what can recruiters do to improve their job adverts and bolster candidate attraction?

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Comments (1)

  • Steven
    Sat, 2 Mar 2019 10:24am GMT
    Probably the single most difficult part of job hunting is understanding what the job I am looking at actually entails, the job specifications can often be almost impenetrable. The modern process seems to be that a company with a vacancy will send a job spec in a lump of text to a recruitment agency, who then simply forwards that job spec onto multiple job search websites, completely unaltered except for removing the company name. Oftentimes I have to dig through half of the text before it becomes clear exactly what the company even does or makes! Nor do I enjoy sifting through two or three dozen bullet points telling me that an engineering manager needs to be a good communicator (no, really?) or listing all the critically important company values that the candidate will need to adhere to…. just like in every other company.

    In a previous article on Executive Grapevine, it was suggested that many or most recruitment “consultants” should not call themselves that, as they do not actually consult. And what I’ve seen on job websites would seem to support that concern, because if these “consultants” were actively involved in the production of the job specifications, they would at the very least try to sort out the text formatting, let alone describing the role, and what the company is looking for in order to fill it, in clear and unambiguous language.
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