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Five for Friday

We get it – you don’t always have enough time to study every story that we post from top to bottom. However, it’s still essential that you’re caught up with all of the biggest stories that we publish -  and all of the best features, too.

However, you need not despair, for your convenience we’ve compiled five of the most essential stories, or the biggest learning opportunities from the previous five days and compiled them into a comprehensive list for you.

1. Five companies with the worst employee reviews
With so many companies choosing to place employee welfare at the heart of their business, it’s hard to believe that other companies are failing to provide a consistently supportive and effective working environment. However, according to reviews aggregation platform Glassdoor, these five companies are amongst the worst in the country.

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2. Seven signs that your boss hates you 
Having confidence in your upper management is an essential element of a truly sustainable job; if you don’t feel like your company’s management structure is effective, the temptation to simply hunt for a new position may well be constantly present in your mind. And whilst a cold demeanour may well simply be a manager’s idea of professionalism, the issue may well be far deeper rooted. 

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3. Does your company have a ‘works drinks’ issue?
Whilst socialising with colleagues is an important part of building team comradery, in many industries the age-old tradition of team drinks at lunchtime may not be as harmless as some major corporations would like to believe. 

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4. Three signs that you’re overworked
In between mentoring and managing your team, keeping up with analytics, maintaining your own workload and acting as a brand ambassador, it is somewhat expected in traditional business for a manager to be constantly busy. Whilst many may argue that consistent productivity is the sign of a good worker, it is important to be conscious of the very fine line between productivity and overwork. 

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5. Key mistakes managers make in 1-2-1 meetings
The role of a manager is diverse. On a daily basis, ensuring that your staff are collectively moving in the same direction to achieve goals is essential – as is cultivating an environment in which each of your team members feels valued and appreciated. And whilst commanding respect requires an air of authority, accepting that no business leaders should ever stop learning is just as important. One area in which managers are consistently falling short is in 1-2-1 meetings. So, where are you going wrong? 

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