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Six types of horrible bosses - and how to handle them


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Six types of horrible bosses - and how to handle them

The vast majority of upper management within the UK understands the delicate reciprocal balance in worker/ manager relationships for employee wellness and productivity.

However, when a manager values nothing more than the bottom line and sees workers as numbers, it can not only hurt your career, it can damage your mental and physical health – and whilst you can’t do much about your managers’ perspective apart from informing HR if they overstep a boundary, being able to identify what kind of bad manager you have allows you to better asses how to handle the situation.

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Comments (1)

  • Ambassadorial Leader
    Ambassadorial Leader
    Tue, 2 Apr 2019 8:43am BST
    This is a good article however I have come across another type which is difficult to deal with: The Lord Flasheart type: When the traits of the character played by Rick Mayle in Blackadder II come into the workplace no one is safe. This type of boss is no leader, self infatuated and egotistical. They often describe themselves as disruptive to diminish the ruthless combatatorial style they bring. With superficial regard for people, they can be manipulative, have little regard for lawful process and fail to build trust.
    This brings real dilemmas for people. So what can you do?
    1. Try to separate the logic of decisions from the emotion so you can argue your points.
    2. If you need to concede male it clear that you will act, though you don't agree.
    3. Share your feelings with your partner and consider the morale aspects of the Boss's behaviour.
    4. Seek advice and consider your options: Confront? Raise a Grievance? Whistleblow? Resign?
    Whatever you choose, be strong and believe in yourself.
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