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Recruiters among the least trusted professions in UK


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Recruiters among the least trusted professions in UK

There are a number of career opportunities out there; however, not all of them are favourable to outsiders, with many deeming them untrustworthy.

Working to earn a commission and meet a certain quota every day, it’s no surprise to hear then that candidates are often failing to put all their trust in recruiters.

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Comments (1)

    Sat, 15 Jun 2019 12:11am BST
    I am a recruiter and like to think not ALL recruitment consultants are bad but even though I am one, I have also often been in the position of being 'the candidate' and looking to find a reliable Recruiter to help me in my job search. Overall, there ARE a lot of shoddy recruiters out there....their main flaw is lack of ability/desire to listen. They have the vacancies they are working on and they want the fastest result possible so they can be on to the next potential placement so they try make the candidate fit the roles that they have open rather than making the candidate the central point of focus and taking the information they have been given about what that candidate wants and carrying out a more specialised search for them. Of course, Recruiters can only do so much for each candidate...they will have many for whom they are looking for work. Recruitment is pressurised, there are sales targets but normally there will be targets around candidate too so this should mean that
    a jobseeker gets a certain amount of service Personally, I like to get to know my candidates thoroughly so that it reduces queries from me to them or errors of judgement when I present them a job role to consider. Spend the time at the beginning to listen, build a connection of trust and mutual agreement. If that person doesn't leave the room feeling highly confident about you, then that confidence will only drop over time, not go up.
    Due to the fast paced of modern life and how advancements in technology mean a consultant has less time for recruiters to be as service drive. Something has to give and they have families to feed too. Again, I personally that mindset has lots of flaws - keep things simple - Recruitment is about building relationships with people and no matter how great your new IT platform is, there WILL come a point where human has to interact with human and if you don't have the skills to be approachable, friendly, responsive, going the extra mile, putting people at ease and reassuring them then ultimately you might get lucky now and again but you will at some point flounder. People buy from people at the end of the day.
    Just also add...there ARE some real nasty, self centered, underhand, spiteful people who are Recruiters. They would say whatever comes into their heads to get you to go to an interview they have and they would stab you in the back as easy as look at you. This can make office politics tricky if you are a consultant who is much more ethical

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