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Arguing about politics at work is GOOD, says study

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Arguing about politics at work is GOOD, says study

Discussing politics at work is one of the deepest and most widely accepted taboos universally agreed on by all professionals – outside of the political sector, of course. Why?

Because like the concepts of feminism, marriage and religion, discussing these things seem to only to cause arguments, upset and offend workers and deepen divides – when it’s essential that a workforce acts as a team.

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Comments (3)

  • Anna
    Wed, 31 Jul 2019 4:35pm BST
    I would *like* this to be the case as I am all for honest opinions and healthy debate - however the reality is that only a narrow range of opinions are now considered acceptable. Actually not just acceptable - any deviation is considered evil, and even illegal. People are scared to say ANYTHING these days, even something pretty benign, for fear of being on the receiving end of a Twitter torches and pitchforks mob - or the long arm of the law. This is VERY UNHEALTHY - but this is the kind of Orwellian world we are now finding ourselves. Personally I am offended by very little - because my first reaction is to say 'ok, why do you think that?' and talk to people to find out more. But no, everyone now thinks they are the morality police. Saying that, being at work is different than being down at the pub - but the point is that these things used to be self-policing. Now the threat of legal action and banishment is so omnipresent that everyone has become a grey clone.
  • Anna
    Mon, 22 Jul 2019 2:07pm BST
    I am not sure what I think about this but on the whole I would say that yes, being able to debate tough topics and listening to varying viewpoints that you don't always agree with, would be far healthier than the polarisation and demonisation that we are currently seeing. I am not a massive fan of proselytising at work and generally keep my opinion to myself unless asked directly, at which point I will give it. I've seen colleagues admit they voted to Leave the EU suddenly find themselves treated like a social pariah and things said about them like 'I didn't realise they were stupid/a racist/a Nazi sympathiser - which is ridiculous and unhelpful. As a Remain voter I find myself sticking up for Leave voters just to add some kind of balance to discussion because it is amazing how quickly the torches and pitchforks come out. And worse, on occasion it appears now that having the 'wrong' opinion can lead you to losing your job or being hounded on social media - this is NOT healthy at all and will only lead to people being fearful and not being honest.
  • AJ
    Mon, 22 Jul 2019 8:46am BST
    You would like to think it would lead to more diverse opinions but in reality it will probably just lead to grievances and complaints and more work for the HR department. Politicical views are so polarised these days very few on either side seem to be able to debate without resorting to name calling
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