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Professionalism | 7 cringeworthy phrases to NEVER use at work

7 cringeworthy phrases to NEVER use at work

Leadership styles can vary wildly from person to person. Some bosses choose to take a sterner and strictly professional approach to managing teams, whilst others are more intent on seeing their employees as equals and as such, invite them into their personal lives. Obviously, the success or failure of these approaches completely depends on the company, the culture and the people that occupy these teams, yet all successful leadership styles have a few core elements in common.

Good leaders don’t allow themselves to be manipulated into making decisions by their staff, they don’t simply sit back and rely on everyone else to do the work, they don’t break their own company rules and they don’t diminish their own authority by sabotaging their leadership. Whilst most of these core elements are relatively easy to draw a line under and follow, being a self-sabotager is slightly more blurred. This has a lot to do with how you communicate; good bosses have a vocabulary that they curate to ensure that they’re not confusing staff, or coming across as pompous or immature – yet often, bosses falling short of their own ambitions simply blurt out whatever is in their head and make themselves look foolish.

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