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How is post-GDPR and Brexit effecting the recruitment process
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How is post-GDPR and Brexit effecting the recruitment process

With the latest addition of GDPR to our list of worries, the recruitment sector has been full of conversation regarding compliance, changing government legislation and how we remain complaint.

At Access we sat down with some of recruitment’s leaders and specialists within compliance to hear what they had to say, and here’s what we found out:

We’re all a little bit frustrated

It’s fair to say that GDPR had everyone in a state of worry over the last year. However, there’s also a growing sense of frustration with government policy and the constant changes to contractor law, especially within the public sector, is causing recruitment professionals to become exasperated. The role of a recruiter and the structures used to place people within the workplace are still not fully understood by government, and HMRC, which naturally leads to a nervousness for future legislation and policy.

We’re trying to do the right thing

Agencies are juggling a competitive market, a need to stay compliant and difficult clients who might be open to cutting corners, which is adding to the frustration around government policy. There’s a lack of understanding from clients regarding what new legislation is demanding and how that works within the employment supply chain.

In addition, clients are under their own time constraints and in a bid to deliver projects quickly, combined with hard to find skill sets, they might be happy to risk employing talent outside of right to work checks. Thus leaving recruiters in a difficult position as they morally grapple with sticking to their guns and enforcing compliance, or potentially losing the business.

Less diligent agencies are also happy to cut corners and reduce costs, leaving the firms who are complying in difficult positons. Ultimately, while clients may be happy to risk being less compliant, recruiters have no choice but to engage with the issue and get it right.

We’re running out of people

Changing policies and the effects of Brexit will become problematic soon, leaving the UK labour market with an inadequate number of workers and difficult to meet seasonal demand. In keeping with past behaviours, the government is likely to respond later down the line as opposed to pre-empting the issue, leaving recruiters little room to adapt.

GDPR isn’t so bad after all

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to government legislation and it was agreed that the recent GDPR enforcement was good for business, allowing companies to reassess data policies and information in their systems. Some are already seeing positive effects of data cleansing and their systems are moving quicker, allowing their recruiters to in turn move faster.

In short

Compliance isn’t going anywhere. As Brexit negotiations intensify and conversations around the gig economy, flexible working and taxation continue, knee jerk legislation will continue. However, there’s also a positive drive around upholding compliance standards and penalising those who don’t comply in order to create more meaningful and impactful legislation around standards, allowing an equal playing field within the industry.

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