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| Benefits for your business of hiring interim professionals

Benefits for your business of hiring interim professionals
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Natasha Makhijani

Natasha Makhijani

Group CEO & Founder

Ross Laurence

Ross Laurence

Director, Interims Division

In uncertain times, both politically and economically, there is a need for businesses to change their approach to hiring. Oliver Sanderson outline some great reasons for hiring interims.

Change is one of the things we can really bank on in the business world these days. Politics and the troubled economy mean that everything is in flux. That is why more businesses are now looking, regardless of size or industry, to changing their hiring strategies. Many are seeing benefits of taking on interim professionals.

While it’s true that your permanent team are the foundation of your company, the modern workplace is constantly evolving. As a result, interims can have a crucial part to play in ensuring your company continues to flourish, even in the choppiest of waters.

If you have yet to include interim professionals in your business, take a look at some of the reasons why you should.

Quick Starts
One of the key benefits of hiring interims is that the hiring process is not as long and drawn out as it is when hiring permanent staff, the traditional way. Therefore, it means you can have qualified and experienced professionals working for your company within a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. Meaning that you will experience almost immediate positive results.

Having a workforce that includes highly skilled interim professionals alongside your experienced permanent staff enables you to boost or reduce your team size based on your changing needs. This gives you fuller control over the cost of labour and morale of your team. You are able to increase or decrease staffing numbers based on the demand of your customers while easing the workload of any of your team that may be having to work twice as hard.

Increased Flexibility
As companies are always looking for competitive and commercial advantages, there is a pertinence in being able to respond effectively and quickly. Taking on interims gives you increased flexibility as those individuals can provide your business with the precise set of skills you need at the exact right time and for the period of time you need them.

Also means that you can track progress and evaluate whether individuals are adding to your already existing team or hindering it, without having a full commitment to them. If interim employees are not working out, for instance, they can easily be removed and replaced without too much hassle.

Gives You a Fresh Perspective
Interim professionals keep themselves as up to date as they possibly can with shifting and evolving best working practices. They can also bring to the table anything they have learned while working on previous projects for other companies. the decisions and views that members of your permanent workforce tend to be influenced by various internal factors, given their time spent working for your organisation. Your full-time team have emotional and professional investment in your company.
Whereas, interim professionals can join the team and bring with them a whole new set of ideas and a fresh set of eyes and a brain.

Allows You to Take on More Project-Focused Work
By taking the leap and hiring qualified, skilled and exceptionally experienced individuals it gives you access to additional sets of skills you may not have at your disposal otherwise. This means that you can focus on more project-centred work. With the right individuals, special projects can be taken on that may have been shelved and put on hold indefinitely without those interim workers.

While it may be best to look in-house for long term and more involved projects, for those
short-term projects that could boost sales or profits, but that need fully-focused manpower on it at all times, it is more effective to use outside help in the form of interim staff. Furthermore, when you use interim employees in this way, they are a lot cheaper and full-time members of team because they do not necessarily have to receive all the associated perks and benefits, helping you to keep your overheads down.

Bridge Employment Gaps
You may have the most effective and efficient team of full-time employees. But there are always going to be times when your full team are not there. Whether it’s because of holidays, illness or maternity cover, there will be times when you find yourself a team member short, at the very least.

Rather than having everyone increase their workload, hiring interim professionals with experience and the right skills can mean you won’t feel the absence of those key team members. And for those times when things are thrown in to disarray because of sudden departures, it gives you the opportunity to ensure that it’s business as usual for your company, while you decide what approach to take in hiring a full-time replacement.

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