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How can Recruiters best look after candidates?

How can Recruiters best look after candidates?
Promoted by How can Recruiters best look after candidates?

A recent Recruitment Grapevine insight shared the ten industries with the least job satisfaction and that job security is not enough for today’s candidates – but do we really know what is enough for them?

It seems that candidates are seeking greater satisfaction and engagement from employers that goes above and beyond salary. The article quoted a study that found that 57% of UK workers moved companies for greater job satisfaction and 22% said that it was because they didn’t feel appreciated for their hard work.

With this in mind, how can recruiters improve candidate attraction and engagement at all levels to ensure they get the best talent on their books, then work with their candidates to find out what candidates want and find them their dream job?

The power of engagement

When sourcing candidates it is important for recruiters to use multiple sourcing techniques in a compliant way. Often, the first stage of engagement is for a candidate to share their CV and a recruiter to drill down on where they might add value and identify their key.

At the initial meeting with a candidate find out what is important to them about an employer brand and get their top list of priorities. Is it an organisations values, the rewards and benefits on offer, a commitment to career progression? Identifying the candidate's key drivers and motivations will result in greater candidate satisfaction.

The research revealed that the 10 industries with the least job satisfaction include Utilities (45%), Retail (38%), Admin and Support Services (32%), Information and Communications (29%), Hospitality & Leisure (21%), Marketing (20%), Education (18%), to name a few, so recruiters have their work cut out working with specific industries to change this opinion and get talent walking through the door and eager to join an organisation where they feel engaged in an employer brand. 

Recruiters should cast their net wide and experiment with what is working to engage the right quality and quantity candidates. Having a broader pool to engage with and being in touch with your ATS for accurately matching candidates could put get you ahead of your competition. The days of putting out a job post and getting a ton of CV’s from qualified candidates are gone; now is the time of the astute job seeker. You can read more on this subject in the free 60-page candidate attraction report (page 11 for the ideal candidate sourcing workflow.

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Know your audience

Candidates search for jobs in the same way as they search for products and services; they research, they evaluate and opt-in to notifications from organisations they trust and respect. Getting your vacancies in front of targeted passive candidates can increase the chances of successful placements. Know how to segment your candidate market and intelligently target them with the right message through the most appropriate channels available to you – it’s all about building relationships through engagement.

Recruiters should also be familiar with the EVP and brand of the recruiting organisations AND be able to communicate these attractive elements to their shortlist of candidates. 

It’s a tall order, but through tracking your campaign efforts and successes will help to continually improve on your results for satisfied employers and engaged candidates.

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If you want to read more on how to best look after candidates while measuring your success and continually improving then download these free resources:

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