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Can agency recruiters learn from in-house recruiters and vice versa?


Can agency recruiters learn from in-house recruiters and vice versa?

The way agencies and in-house recruiters approach filling vacancies and sourcing talent does vary and it’s likely lessons can be learnt from each another. Understanding how both approach recruitment and how they rate certain sourcing channels is a good starting point.

In a recent survey, both types of recruiter were asked a series of questions to discover how agency and in-house are attracting talent and which promotional activities, channels and sources are helping to fill their roles. Here are some of the findings of how the recruiter groups differ in their approaches and results.

Agencies lead the way in use of the ATS

For agency recruiters, the database (CRM/ATS) is still the number one sourcing channel; rated as the top source for both candidates’ quality and quantity. The Candidate Attraction Survey 2018 revealed that 93% of agencies use this as their ‘go to’ channel alongside Professional Social Networks and also showed that agencies lead the way in the achievement of results over in-house teams with this channel.

Agencies are proactively using their ATS/CRM tools to source quality and quantity candidates. In-house recruiters usage of the same channel is less than half of that of agencies at 44%. Agencies fare less well with Job Aggregators and Social Media, despite channels getting 40% and 69% usage respectively.

One way or another

When looking at what agency and in-house recruiters do when presented with a new job to work on, the respondents of the survey selected from a list of sourcing channels to understand the sourcing workflow. Once again, there are significant differences in how the different recruiters approach a new job.

In-house recruiters utilise many tools in their workflow before seeking the assistance from a recruitment agency, opting for advertising the job on the career site first. Agencies search their CRM/ATS first and then use a multi posting service, before turning to channels such as job boards and social media (linkedIn is separate to other social media channels). See the sourcing workflow differences:

If you always do what you’ve always done

Are we guilty of doing what we have always done yet expect a different result? When comparing results from 2017 and 2018 Candidate Attraction Surveys we see very similar year on year results from each of the sourcing channels. Maybe it is time to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of each channel and change the course of action accordingly.

When the next vacancy hits your inbox, consider the range of sourcing channels available to you and how you can maximise channel effectiveness. Start by putting in place measures to evaluate the performance of each sourcing channel to choose the right course of action – continually measuring, monitoring and evaluating.

You can get your copy of the extensive survey results that examines the opinion of around 900 UK based in-house and agency recruitment professionals. It’s a key resource for planning your talent attraction strategy.

Download the results

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