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What types of content should be on your careers site?


What types of content should be on your careers site?

The effectiveness of a careers site can be affected by many factors; the size of a company, frequency of published content and types of content but is there a winning formula for peak performing career sites and if so what it is?

We look at the research conducted with 900 UK based in house and agency recruitment professionals that shares the winning formula.

The Candidate Attraction Report 2018 looks in some detail at careers sites as a candidate sourcing channel, which is the most used sourcing channel for recruitment, showing similar results for agencies and in-house recruiters.

Here are the most common types of career site content:

The survey also looks at types of content available to candidates on ‘peak performance sites’ – those sites where candidate quality is consistently rated as high…

The winning formula

Peak performing career sites are more likely to have the following content than poor performing careers sites:

  • 7 x more likely to have career pathways

  • 5 x more likely to have interview hints and tips

  • 2 x more likely to have how our recruitment process works

  • 2 x more likely to have FAQ’s

  • 2 x more likely to have diversity and inclusion

Yet, these types of content are currently under used. For example, only 21% of careers sites describe the potential pathways that a new employee can take with you to develop their career.

It was found that most career sites contain limited additional content over and above job vacancies. But peak performing careers sites are far more likely to contain ‘candidate centric content’ at every stage of the attraction funnel: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Application, Evaluation, Joining.

You can read more about the full candidate attraction findings in the free 70 page report – it covers top sourcing challenges, underperforming channels and candidate centric content.

Download the free report | Travelodge case study

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