5 things you didn't know about interim managers

5 things you didn't know about interim managers

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Interim managers are the fixers of the business world. When a company needs extra guidance, or a safe pair of hands to help them transform and grow, an interim leader is the first person they should call.

But how much do we know about these illusive masters?

We spoke to Nick Diprose, Founder and CEO at Holdsway, who gave us five character traits and attributes of interim managers that many people either overlook or are unaware of.

1. A rare breed

“Not every available executive has the composure to walk into pretty much any change situation – and deal with it. Those that can are proactive, decisive, results-oriented achievers who combine strategic experience with a ‘hands-on’ approach. They adapt rapidly to different cultures, sectors and organisations. They are most definitely people-oriented, able to motivate, assess and handle a new team quickly. Above all, they are resilient, energetic, fit and work well independently. They are rarely available, because they are in such demand.”

2. Experience

“They have significant change, transition, programme or crisis management experience. Used to accelerating change, or managing transition for a range of clients, they are usually overqualified to do this. Crucially, they always focus on just the assignment at hand – not how long they can stay (or whether they might go permanent).”

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