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3 ways to lead your team through conflict
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3 ways to lead your team through conflict

With the current political and economic uncertainty enshrouding our world, it’s time for business leaders to perfect the art of leading through a time of crisis.

Speaking to us earlier in the year, Andrew Mawson, MD of Advanced Workplace Associates, explained how the CEOs of today have to learn how to navigate through tumultuous times, in order to survive.

“The management of change and development within a business requires confidence,” he explained. “And the process of leading behavioural transformation and ensuring that staff remain engaged, beyond the physical walls of a workplace, is no easy feat...As the move from static to mobile working practices continues to be embraced by the knowledge industries, professionals need to change gear and unleash their inner workplace management gurus.”

In times of crisis, it’s incumbent on leaders to show solidarity and strength in order to inspire followership in their workers. Leading workers through a time or uncertainty and conflict can seem daunting – and there are plenty of directors who would agree with you. However, in mastering these skills you’re allowing yourself to stand out as an influencer, rather than a follower.

On the next page, we have detailed three ways to lead your team through a conflict; take a look and tell us your tips in the comments.

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