Identifying a 'Best of Breed' Solution

Identifying a 'Best of Breed' Solution

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Identifying a “best of breed” among HR, time and attendance and payroll systems is essential to deliver a pedigree product which will deliver real business benefits, a new video highlights.

The approach is outlined by David Bacon, Sales and Marketing Director for Crown Workforce Management Systems, in the first in a series of films outlining how the business operations of customers has been boosted as a result.

He advocates creating the ideal technology infrastructure for “foundation” services - to standardise processes, centralise systems, return accurate data and greater visibility across the organisation –  when considering new systems.

“Workforce Management in fast-moving and complex organisations has to be dynamic,” he stresses, “You have to balance servicing customer demand with controlling costs effectively through an engagement and motivated workforce.

“That’s not easy to do on scale and because HR, time and attendance and payroll all have their own significant complexities,” he admits, “It’s virtually impossible for one system to manage it all and respond to changing needs but without doubt, organisations need tools to automate their processes and give accurate results every time.”

Crown’s 30 years’ experience in the marketplace has allowed the company to specialise in working with complex working environments, from public sector and retail, to manufacturing and leisure.

“We are used to working with specialist vendors to ensure great results from industry experts with seamless integration between best of breed solutions,” he adds.

He believes there has been an evolution in customer requirements and heightened expectations “from something which allows staff to clock on and off, to wanting to ‘super-charge’ their processes”.

“There is much more emphasis now on using tools for effective workforce planning, proactive absence and productivity management and employee engagement which is vital to good business performance. Over 75 per cent of our customers last year included workforce scheduling tools in their implementations and that’s really where they are super-charging their return on investment.”

In the next two videos, Crown Workforce Management customers talk about their experiences first hand outlining the benefits to their businesses of integrating a workforce management system. They include interviews with Tulip Food, Interserve, Princess Yachts, Carillion and Trailfinders. 



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