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The key to innovative & dynamic recruitment

The key to innovative & dynamic recruitment
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Earlier in the year Lumesse joined forces with HR Review and Storifyd to deliver a unique online event, for a lively discussion on current and upcoming trends in recruitment and recruiting technology, and how recruiters need to adapt to their quickly changing landscape in order to outplay the competition. After a record number of delegates joined us for the discussion we were inundated with responses for follow up content.

So in response, we’ve picked out the best of the questions from the discussion and collated it into a report for you to download, to share thought provoking topics and tangible takeaways with our wider audience!

Some of the topics we covered…

Creating a consumer-like recruiting experience

  • There is a move underway from company-driven to candidate-driven recruitment, and what candidates want is a slick, app-like user experience. This includes seamless applications, passive nurturing and consistent, valuable feedback. All enabled through technology which doesn’t feel like technology.

Revolutionising candidate search

  • Access to social profiles, job boards and other ‘talent pools’ means there are more candidates to filter through than ever. Does the gig economy and trend for job hopping mean more candidates are open to being nurtured even when they are passive as opposed to actively searching? The role of smart sourcing is more important than ever if recruiters are to use their time wisely.

The myth of the shrinking talent pool

  • Is there really an issue of shrinking talent pools? Or is it just that there’s such astronomical volumes of data available now, that it can feel like wading through quick sand trying to find the right person?

Technology tailored to the Recruiter

  • Machine-learning is giving recruiters an ATS experience like never before. New technology is observing user behaviour and creating intuitive and personalised user experiences (UX). This means recruiters have the information they need, at their fingertips across all of their devices 24/7.

The future of chat

  • Far from being a gimmick, chat bots are now commonplace for ecommerce organisations and recruitment is catching up fast. Candidates want immediate interactions and chat bots are now good enough that they can have a lot of conversations with no input from humans. In addition, do recruitment systems need to integrate with chat apps and social channels, and is this what candidates will come to expect?

Full video can be viewed below.


Keen to read more? Click here to download the full transcript report, or get in touch via this contact form

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