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Invenias Top 5

Invenias Top 5

Read the Invenias top 5, a collection of articles of interest to people responsible for identifying and hiring for executive and strategic roles.

The GDPR: are you still in the dark?

This recent Financial Times article reveals that a number of global executives are still in the dark about the GDPR. With the May 2018 deadline fast approaching, a worrying number of organisations admit to being unsure of the new data protection legislation...Read more


There just aren't enough hours in the day 

The stats in this recent article from Forbes are frightening. With the average office worker spending in excess of two and a half hours a day reading and replying to emails, no wonder I frequently mutter the phrase "there just aren't enough hours in the day''...Read more

How to make yourself memorable to a busy headhunter

As a provider of solutions to the executive search profession, perhaps we don't consider the experiences and challenges facing top candidates as often as we should. How can a candidate make a positive impact and make sure they stand out?..Read more

Are your meetings a waste of time?

Who doesn't love a meeting?  They fill your diary, make you look important, give the illusion that something is happening and allow you to let others know just what you're thinking (assuming the other attendees are actually listening and not just thinking about what they want to say)....Read more

Identifying the A Team

When hiring people you can usually group them into 3 categories, the A, B, and C's depending on personality traits, skills and experiences. Wouldn't it be great to be able to identify the As every time, and not run the risk of making the wrong decision?...Read more

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