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Succeeding at managing volume recruitment

Succeeding at managing volume recruitment
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Many businesses experience volume recruitment of employees. Maybe you need entire teams, are recruiting for annual graduate programmes, have seasonal requirements or a constant demand. Regardless of the requirement, getting to the best and most suitable candidates quickly is essential.

Ensuring you have the correct recruitment capability to handle scale and find the right applicants quickly will mean the difference between success and failure.

5 simple steps to succeed

1. Having the right recruitment and selection process is imperative. A disjointed and fragmented recruitment process combined with volume recruitment can often mean hiring the wrong people, which then exacerbates the problem as staff turnover then occurs or you lose people along the process due to insufficient candidate engagement. 

2. Talent pooling - are the right people already in your talent pool? Chances are they could well be and proactive recruitment helps to speed up the recruitment process. Having talent pools of passive candidates means that you can constantly engage with them and quickly match the candidates to the vacancy. Using other search tools such as social platforms should also help you pinpoint the ideal candidates in your database. 

3. Know what you are looking for. Having a profile of your ideal candidate and automatically skills matching to this will assist with identifying quality candidates and the screening out of unsuitable candidates. It also avoids problems such as attrition later in the process - which subsequently brings a whole host of problems such as staff pressure and a damaged brand reputation.

4. Be prepared for a potentially huge volume of applications - sounds obvious, yes? Whatever the volume, speed of response handling across each stage of the workflow with automated emails/SMS etc is critical for a positive engagement. Automated CV parsing and profiling will assist with managing the volume and tag candidates with relevant skills auto gleaned from their information.  

5. It can be extremely useful to separate your graduate recruitment into its own microsite within your main careers website - providing the ability to adapt your brand and content accordingly.  It also gives you the option to market it differently with its own URL. 

So when the next job requisition hits your desk….

-       Define your measures of success and monitor your progress with actionable insights to make the right decisions. 

-       Make quality hiring decisions by already having a target list of pre-screened and engaged candidates to approach.

-       Once successfully recruited, streamlining your onboarding process will help to keep new hires ‘warm’ before they start.

-       Don’t alienate unsuccessful candidates. Nurture them, engage with them and they might just be your next great hire. 

In appointing the right people it’s highly likely that they will be more engaged and stay with you for longer – reducing your costs and winning the war for talent.

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