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The 7-step assessment tool

The 7-step assessment tool
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Proving strategic value – what can we do to convince business leaders of the value of HR?

As an HR professional, you want to feel that what you are doing is making a difference; that your time is well spent and people value your contribution.

Before assessing the strategic business partnering capabilities of your team, it’s worth taking a moment to think about what HR strategic business partners (HRBPs) actually do. This can vary slightly from organisation to organisation, but our view is that essentially HRBPs successfully identify, prioritise and implement people-centred interventions that affect their organisation’s results. So, as business success is seen and delivered, their contribution is recognised. This helps HR be re-positioned as an indispensable function, delivering tangible strategic impact to the organisation’s success.

Drawing on the extensive expertise of our FTI Consulting team, we are delighted to share with you our perspective on the capabilities of a successful HR business partner. The 7-step tool below is a great, informal 360° opportunity which will build confidence and determination to succeed. It will also help to identify areas for development, either as a team, or for individuals.

As your HRBPs go through the assessment, make sure they bear in mind the difference that may exist between business leaders’ perspectives of the HR function contribution and their own.

FTI Consulting’s 7-Step 360° assessment tool


Evaluate your awareness and understanding of:

  • Your organisation’s overall business direction, needs and priorities
  • The needs and priorities of the business areas for which you are the business partner


To what extent do you identify and work on the people priorities:

  • Most relevant to your organisation’s overall strategic needs?
  • That most impact the success of the business areas for which you are a business partner?


  • Do you provide timely and effective delivery of work that meets expectations?
  • To what extent do you engage stakeholders and champions in design and delivery of solutions and projects?


  • How would you rate the extent and quality of relationships of trust and involvement?
  • What level of influence do you have on strategic and operational matters?


How well known are you:

  • Across the organisation?
  • Across the business areas for which you are a business partner?


  • How current is your HR professional knowledge and latest thinking?


  • What is the extent and quality of your working relationships across all areas of HR and related people functions in your organisation?

Once completed, your HRBPs can share this self-assessment with their line manager and business stakeholders and ask for their perspectives and feedback.

Next steps

Too often we see business partnering introduced with only a change of title and HR structure. This leads to HR teams becoming overwhelmed with process and frustrated with business managers who are unsure of how to get the most out of the new system.

At FTI Consulting we can help your HR business partnering team deliver on its promise. We have over 20 years’ experience of developing business partnering skills for clients regardless of organisation size, global geographic location, or industry sector. Using our extensive library of core materials we can deliver a programme tailored to your specific organisation need for maximum measurable impact.

In turn, you can help other functions see that with your insightful understanding, considered choice of HR intervention and optimisation of people performance; HR can have a real influence on business success.

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