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The GDPR, are you ready?
Promoted by The GDPR, are you ready?
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The GDPR, are you ready?

As re-energised employees return to work after the festive break, the focus of activities in the coming months will be firmly on preparing for the GDPR. With less than five months until its enforcement, the countdown to the GDPR is on.

As the search profession prepares for new ways of working, what are the biggest GDPR pain points and how can they be overcome?

Join us for an upcoming event or webinar, where our team of data protection experts will tackle the latest developments to the GDPR and share industry best practices.

Our commitment to the GDPR

Invenias are committed to making the journey to compliance with the GDPR as smooth as possible. The Invenias GDPR Module is designed to allow you to easily manage your data privacy with minimal disruption to your business. Our customers can have confidence that they are on the right platform and are fully supported in their compliance journey.

If you would like to learn more about Invenias, please click here to request a free personalised demo with a member of our experienced team or visit www.invenias.com/gdpr.

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