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Easing payroll pains in your recruitment agency
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Easing payroll pains in your recruitment agency

Do you know what the hardest part of running a recruitment agency is? It’s not finding the right office, or finding candidates or even getting clients. It’s not even retaining your recruiters.

With enough persuasive arguments, charm and wit, you can keep anyone in the door. However, no amount of smart talking is going to keep cash in your business. You cannot talk your way out of invoicing someone and nor can you tell contractors to wait for their paycheck at the end of the month.

Cash is king for a reason, because it keeps everything working, and as long as you have cash in your agency, you have the ability to operate. Which is why payroll becomes one of the biggest pain points for us all, especially if we’re recruiting in the contractor market. Money is flying out of your business before you have time to invoice clients for it.

It’s a nightmare…

Of course, you already know how hard it is, and when you throw in the manual process, the payroll fines, the arduous calculations, the hours and days and minutes and weeks you spend shuffling papers and staring at spreadsheets and looking up changes in legislation, not to mention dealing with angry contractors who haven’t been paid correctly and frustrated employees who are crying by the coffee machine because the twelve spreadsheets don’t correlate anymore, it all gets a little too much.

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

Running a recruitment agency and building an empire is hard enough as it is, it doesn’t have to get any harder, which is why payroll solutions is something we’ve figured out so you don’t have to, and also, so you can get those much-needed hours of your life back.

We recognised that so many agencies were working off disparate systems which seemed insane, so we built software that integrated into your recruitment database that enabled you to pay and bill your PAYE contractors, umbrellas and international workers easily. One of the hardest parts about payroll is ensuring you’ve actually invoiced your clients for everyone you’ve already paid for and human error, no matter how great your employees, inevitably kicks in somewhere.

So what we did…

Was make a system that takes the backache out of payroll to help recruitment agencies.

  • You can automate payroll straight from the timesheet information.

  • We’ll always inform you of any legislative updates that you need to know to stay compliant, our lawyers working to cover all statutory requirements and compliance regulations.

  • The system instantly notifies clients and candidates to reduce any confusions, enquires and miscommunication.

  • We know reporting and data is the backbone of agencies, giving them the information to make the right decisions, so we built comprehensive reporting abilities into the system so you can always monitor financial performance.

  • We also provide credit management software that gets the cash quicker to you than ever before, because after all, cash is king.

If you’re not currently using a system to manage contractors and client payroll, you might want to consider putting one in place.  Spending hours bent over spreadsheets and cross-referencing invoices is not a good use of anyone’s time.  For more information on how we might be able to help you, drop us a line right here.

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