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How to get Learning to Achieve a Transformative effect
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How to get Learning to Achieve a Transformative effect

We are not always entirely aware that we are learning; when we ‘just know’ how to do something it’s often as a result of repetition and eventually habit.  In other circumstances, learning is more intentional, for example, attending a seminar or reading a book. Intentional learning can be effective but it can also be impersonal, forgettable and replaceable.  However, when you add purpose to learning something transformative occurs.

A clearly defined purpose gives the learner a sense of meaning and enhances their readiness to learn.  This helps the learner sustain their interest, engagement and resilience throughout the learning experience, even when things get difficult. Having a clear purpose empowers the learner and generates higher levels of self-reliance.  Learners form their own connections and associations and find different ways of examining their assumptions. Consequently, these highly self-aware, purposeful learners become masters of their subjects, rather than recipients, and are far more likely to retain their learning, and achieve their goals.

At Notion one way we achieve this on our programmes is to personalise every learning journey so that every conversation and exercise has a specific benefit to the individual learner and ideally is also aligned to meaningful business objectives. It's bespoke, personal and has some immediate benefit. Real plays rather than role plays if you will. The results we find are transformational for the individuals and typically also drive impressive measurable commercial benefits for our client organisations too.

"The coaching has been outstanding and as a direct result just one of the benefits is over £3m in additional cost savings! I would give the experience a 10 out of 10!" - Royal mail

“My manager told me that this course would change me in a positive way. She was right. It has left me with a renewed sense of confidence. I now have the coaching tools that will help me become a better manager. The real winners will be my team and the customers of National Express.” – National Express

"KPI results improved significantly in my store where I was Deputy Manager, most noticeably around Customer Service and Colleague Engagement. I was promoted this year to Store Manager as a result. In fact my Regional Manager now sees coaching and engagement as my significant strength! Thank you Notion!" – Sainsbury’s

“Attending the course has been a thought provoking, and overall awesome experience. It will have a positive impact on almost all aspects of my role - and will come into play in every discussion I have moving forward, with my key stakeholders and senior leaders" – BT Group

All quotes and examples used in this article are from participants in Notion’s programmes

Notion is a global expert in transforming behaviour.  To discover more about the transformational effect and commercial benefits of our programmes, visit us at www.BusinessCoaching.co.uk or call us for an informal chat on +44 (0) 1926 889 885.


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