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Invenias GDPR survey write-up: What's the common consensus?
Promoted by Invenias GDPR survey write-up: What's the common consensus?
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Invenias GDPR survey write-up: What's the common consensus?

With the May 2018 deadline fast approaching, the executive search profession is busy planning their GDPR policies and processes. The application of the legislation presents a number of challenges, not least the fact that the GDPR isn't tailored to meet the nuances of an industry so reliant on high quality personal data. Sadly there is no clear cut rule that organisations should abide by in order to guarantee compliance. However, across the Invenias customer base and the wider market, a common consensus is emerging regarding the approach taken by leading search firms and in-house talent teams as they seek to comply with the legislation.

The Invenias GDPR survey, in conjunction with ComplyGDPR, is the largest survey of executive search professionals and their approach to GDPR compliance. With over 400 responses from executive search firms, strategic recruiters and in-house talent talent teams, results will provide the industry with best practice guidance, a common consensus and an additional level of clarity around key business decisions including data retention periods, default legal bases and much more.

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