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Global Leaders Series | Tim Sheffield...on the spot

Global Leaders Series | Tim Sheffield...on the spot
Promoted by Global Leaders Series | Tim Sheffield...on the spot

The Invenias Global Leaders Series is a collection of monthly in-depth interviews with Executive Search Firm leaders. The first edition sees Timothy Sheffield, Chairman at Sheffield Haworth, share his views on how firms can stay relevant in today’s highly competitive business climate, as well as his predictions for the future of executive search.

Describe your business style

To be successful, you must be passionate about what you do, determined and organised. I’m also not afraid to take risks and to learn from experiences, both good and bad. Good leadership comes from putting others ahead of yourself. It’s about supporting your people and giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves and grow.

What’s your best piece of business advice?

You just have to figure it out. Try not to be distracted by events. Listen to people and recognise when you’ve got it wrong.

What has been your toughest business decision?

I don’t mind making tough decisions. For example, letting people go is not nice, but it is never personal.

What keeps you awake at night?

New ideas buzzing through my mind.

What drives you on?

The sense that I have a responsibility to the business; to everyone who works here. I love creating something from nothing.

Where would you like to be in five- or ten-years’ time?

I’d like to continue playing a role in the future success of Sheffield Haworth, but I also want to spend more time with my family and get involved with other business interests. And I’d like to use my experience to help other organisations, such as the spinal muscular atrophy charity SMA Support UK and the International Paralympic Committee, both of which I’m currently involved with.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in executive search?

When I started out, I wanted to be a bloodstock agent or breed race horses, so they’re both options.

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