5 reasons to RETAIN executive search

5 reasons to RETAIN executive search

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Retaining an executive search function will likely cost, at a minimum, £60,000.  The higher up the executive food-chain that the hire is, the more it will cost.

C-Suite hires can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds but, for many companies, the financial impact of leaving a position unfilled can greatly outweigh investing in exec search services.

Although there are many ways, for companies needing less-senior hires, to recruit – LinkedIn, jobs boards and referrals – there is no digital analogue for an executive recruiter.

To celebrate the durability and functionality of Executive Search’s day-to-day, we have chosen five points from CNA International’s list of reasons as to why firms still need the skills that Exec Search brings to the fore.

1.Search is INTEGRAL at Executive Level

Executives at C-Suite level often make or break a company. Employing a search firm can mitigate the risk of making a bad choice and impacting a company’s strategy, growth or finances.

Robert A. Foster, President of recruiting firm Foster & Associates, told Hunt Scanlon: “During my 15 years at Korn Ferry I developed a Rolodex that was deep and wide. In my own firm over the past eight years, my clients have come to know that I have many contacts who are with leading companies, as well as alums of those organizations, and who won’t be off-limits to me.” 

2. The candidate the company requires has a rare mix of skills and experiences

The better recruiting firms will deliver a slew of candidates with the right mix of knowledge, skills, abilities – as well as holding a growth mindset. n today’s fast-moving world, top firms need executives with unique skillsets that bring experience but also adaptability.

Jay Rosenzweig, Founding Partner of search firm Rosenzweig & Co, said: “Companies solve their most specialized needs when they partner with firms like ours. We develop a rigorous, disciplined process,” he said. “Our experience has been that when companies develop a disciplined approach to their talent problems, disciplined results will logically flow.”

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