Odgers Berndtson offers PM gig economy advice

Odgers Berndtson offers PM gig economy advice

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International executive search firm Odgers Berndtson have warned Theresa May not to crack down on the “top-end” gig economy – Telegraph reports.

Odgers Connect, a subsidiary of Odgers Berndtson, said Britain’s biggest businesses relied upon, and drove demand for, high-skilled contractors and freelancers.

Chris Preston, Managing Partner at Odgers Connect, said the recent growth at the top of “the so-called gig economy” was essential for the economy.

He said: ““Professional gig consultants tend to be more senior and provide ‘more bang for their buck’, which means answers and solutions are quicker, more accurate and delivered by more commercially astute individuals.

“To succeed in the global economy, particularly given the uncertainties around Brexit, digital trans­form­ation and geo-politics, companies need to explore and develop the most effective growth paths.

““If they cannot manage this effectively, their continuing success, the livelihoods of all those they employ, and indeed the health of the UK private sector, is at risk.”

Preston added that any extra tax or legislative constraint was likely to put-off the individual contractors that provided tailored advice to many SMEs.

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