Buffkin/Baker merger now to include WTW Associates

Buffkin/Baker merger now to include WTW Associates

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WTW Associates are to become part of Buffkin/Baker, integrating their operations into the Buffkin/Baker New York office.

The move comes as The Buffkin Group, and Baker and Associates of Atlanta, announced their intentions to merge earlier this year. Craig Buffkin, Managing Partner of Buffkin/Baker, commented on the news: “We have greatly enhanced our entertainment and media practice this year, and are excited to have Warren Wasp and WTW join our team.

“Earlier this year, we brought on MusicRowSearch, an entertainment search firm in Nashville, which also pioneered WHO KNEW, the popular networking and speaker series, and are eager to have Warren join the firm to lead the efforts. Warren is one of the visionary Media and Entertainment Search Executives in the industry.”

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