Koya Leadership Partners merges with Neumann Executive Search Partners

Koya Leadership Partners merges with Neumann Executive Search Partners

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Merging has been a prominent trend within executive search this year, with the WTW Associates and Buffkin/Baker integration last month and the amalgamation of key players, Aberdeen Asset & Standard Life earlier this year.

The latest unification is the merge between Koya Leadership Partners and Neumann Executive Search Partners, to expand the firm’s depth and breadth of focus on higher education recruiting.

Neumann Executive Search Partners specialises in recruiting senior leaders for colleges and universities across the US. Search Partners Liz Neumann, Beth Schaefer, Andy Evans and Amy Sugin, as well as several team members will be moving their practices to Koya.

Katie Bouton, Koya Founder and CEO, comments: “I have long admired the work of Liz Neumann and her team. They represent a leading force in higher education recruitment, which marries well with Koya’s existing higher education practice and allows us to scale and grow to meet the needs of this important market.”

“Combining our talent, resources and networks allows us to enrich the quality and enhance the impact and breadth of our work,” adds Liz Neumann. “Joining Koya is an exciting opportunity and positions the long-term sustainability of our continued service to higher education.”

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