How to find Millennial leaders

How to find Millennial leaders

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Edward Fleischmann, CEO of Execu Search, details how Millennials are often characterised as entitled, selfish and self-absorbed – Hunt Scanlon report.

Yet, according to Forbes, more than one in four Millennials are now in managerial roles. This number will only grow.

With many current search functions geared towards finding baby boomers and Generation X candidates, could it be that executive search isn’t quite prepared for a change in hiring norms.

Even though Millennials are stereotyped as job hoppers, more than 43% plan on staying more than 15 years at the company they currently work at - compared to only 28% of non-millennial leaders.

So, to combat potential shortfalls in hiring strategies for the incoming workforce generation, Fleischmann lays out his top tips for maintaining long-term success with Millennial leadership.

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