Can Uber's new CEO save its Board from scandal?

Can Uber's new CEO save its Board from scandal?

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News that, now ex, Expedia CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi has been selected to lead crisis-riddled taxi-hail firm Uber, may have been met with praise – however, his mission to save the company may be more difficult than first meets the eye.

Khosrowshahi has already admitted that he is “scared” for what his new role entails, most likely due to the recent flurry of scandals which hit the ride-hail giant. From sexual harassment cases to a damaged public brand, the problems that Khosrowshahi will be taking on are not small.

Furthermore, there are also issues with Uber’s Board. Speaking to Quartz, an unnamed Uber employee regaled how some workers in the firm perceive their Board right now.

“Everyone’s really embarrassed by the board right now,” they commented. “Travis had to go and the company is doing a reset, and it feels like things are moving in the right direction but the board feels like the thing that’s still not working.”

A main concern for the new CEO right now is aligning the needs of the Board with the direction of employees. Uber employees, about 15,000 people worldwide, are, by and large, calling on the company to change their corporate culture from within. This seeming distrust between the board and the workers is something that needs to be bridged, and quickly, in order for the business to move on and thrive. 

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