Council spends £32k on failed CEO hunt

Council spends £32k on failed CEO hunt

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A County Council made the pricey mistake of spending £32,000 on trying to source a new CEO. However, their efforts proved unsuccessful. The Conservative-run Suffolk County Council looked to replace outgoing Deborah Cadman, but no one managed to meet "the exceptionally high standards" – the BBC reports.

Council leader Colin Noble said that whilst it was disappointing that they didn’t manage to find an ideal candidate, they had to make the “right decision for Suffolk".

"We face some extremely challenging times ahead, and must have the strongest possible chief executive to help us deliver change at the scale and pace we need, but also in a way that is appropriate for our county. If that takes a little more time and searching, then we believe that's the right thing to do."

And despite the fact that the Executive Search expedition did not result in a new CEO, the council is reportedly unlikely to relaunch a second attempt. "A second attempt in the coming months offers no guarantee of a different outcome,” said Labour Councillor Sandra Gage, “and leaves Suffolk County Council months of having to 'make do' with the corporate management team filling the gap.

“A second recruitment is unlikely to happen until spring next year, and further costs will be incurred through likely extension of the interim staffing, temporary appointments of staff to take the council through the critical budget setting months of November through to February.

"Last night's decision leaves Suffolk County Council in an unnecessarily vulnerable position."

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