Interim Manager demand fueled by Brexit

Interim Manager demand fueled by Brexit

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Although Brexit is often cited as a central factor behind employment and hiring woes, for one niche group of leadership professionals it’s proving to be good news

Interim Managers, usually experienced Senior Executives on short-term contracts, are currently in high demand, Jo Sweetland, Managing Director, Green Park tells the Financial Times.

According to Green Park figures, there has been a 30% increase in the number of requests for interim managers since the UK voted to leave the EU. As Sweetland says: “Brexit creates an opportunity”.

As part of this new leadership hiring trend, the most in demand leaders are Interims with restructuring experience, as well as HR specialists with employment law expertise.

And, despite oft-cited woes regarding the state of the UK hiring market, Karen O’Reilly, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at The Recruitment & Employment Confederation added that “buoyancy in the interim market can be a sign of corporate confidence.”

However, O’Reilly also believes it can indicate business pessimism. She said: “An uptick in interim hires could reflect employers bringing in experts to help with contingency planning or postponing permanent hires in C-suite roles for a while.”

With the UK currently facing political, economic and legislative change, Christine de Largy, Managing Director of Impact Executives, the Interim Management arm of Harvey Nash Group, noted that the UK is currently in the midst of a changeable marketplace.

She told the FT: “Last year there was a spike in restructuring; this year, it’s management of risk, regulations on data protection and cyber security.

“They [companies] don’t want to do it internally with people who are learning their expertise. They would rather bring in a deep expert in that field so they can minimise the risk.”

And with Interims able to cash in on their specialist skills – and with so many macro-sized changes incoming - it doesn’t appear that corporate demand for interims will slow anytime soon. For Interim Manager providers, this is great news.

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