Odgers Berndtson name winners of 'CEO for a day'

Odgers Berndtson name winners of 'CEO for a day'

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Odgers Berndtson has named the 24 winners of its CEO for a day competition.

The Executive Search firm will pair 24 undergraduates with the heads of organisations such as ASOS, Sainsburys and Williams.

Kester Scrope, Chief Executive of Odgers Berndtson, said: “This is part of the global initiative we introduced over ten years ago and currently runs across many of our offices around the world, the UK is now taking the baton having just concluded this year’s Brazilian program.

“I know from my own experience of taking part in CEO for a Day that business leaders gain a fairly unique opportunity to connect personally with a talented young person whose perspective on their business is fresh, independent and often very direct.”

Odgers Berndtson first launched CEO for a Day in 2004, since which time almost 1,000 of chief executives and students have taken part across the firm internationally. The scheme was first introduced to the UK last year, with almost twice as many top leaders signing up to take part for 2017.

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Odgers Berndtson is a global firm helping organisations to find and develop the best talent for the most important positions. It provides executive and board search, leadership development and executive assessment services for the world's top-tier organisations ranging from listed to family-owned businesses, equity-backed enterprises to associations and public institutions.

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