Harvey Nash find women turn to tech later

Harvey Nash find women turn to tech later

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According to a recent Harvey Nash report, only a quarter of women become interested in tech during high school compared to almost half of men.

The survey results reiterate the IT sector’s problem with gender disparity – seriously impacting the makeup of the boardroom.

Yet, the problem is not only for Boardrooms to solve. 69% of all respondents believe the key to getting more women in tech is encouraging females to pursue STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in school.

Bob Miano, President and CEO, Harvey Nash explained that getting more women to rise up the career ladder in IT needs a long-term solution.

He said: “The visibility and value of a STEM education has skyrocketed in the last decade, but we’re not yet seeing the full impact translate to the IT workplace. School and home life can spark the first interest for technology, but individuals as well as companies need to take action throughout the lifecycle of IT careers to keep that enthusiasm alive. There’s no shortage of viable career opportunities for those with an IT interest, whether they become interested early or later. Increasing and keeping women in IT is critical to meet the demand for tech talent in the midst of a permanent IT labour shortage.”

Worryingly, the survey found that almost half of women (43%) cite the lack of career advancement opportunities as the major challenge to their jobs.

And, many are looking to the C-Suite to provide the advancement. Almost twice as many women than men feel the C-Suite should take action to increase women in technology (51% vs. 26%). In addition, many feel they need a mentor. Only six per cent of both men and women say they would go through their company to find a mentor, whilst more than half (54%) don’t know how to go about finding one at all.

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