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Recruiting with Recruitment Marketing

Recruiting with Recruitment Marketing
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Recruitment and Marketing go hand in hand when looking to keep your talent pool fresh and engaged, and email marketing is an effective way to do this but it must be done right.

Recruitment and Marketing go hand in hand when looking to keep your talent pool fresh and engaged, and email marketing is an effective way to do this. Before you embark on your next campaign to secure the right candidate for a role, consider these tips to create compelling content.

1. What’s the Purpose

Define the purpose of your email and stick to it. What do you want to achieve as this will dictate the content and tone? Content that is consistently valuable will build an engaged community who are only too happy to receive your emails, giving you the opportunity to convert them.

2. Powerful Subject Lines

Email subject lines need to engage and stimulate interest of the reader to open the email . Does the subject convey what’s in it for the reader? Avoid at all costs subject lines such as ‘This Week’s Newsletter from X’. Remember those who view on mobile devices will see far fewer characters of a subject line than on a desktop.

3. Personalise

Stop thinking about your talent pool as one and think about the segments within it. Making the content relevant and personalised will further engage. Always read your email through the eyes of the recipient – are you using the right tone and style?

4. Strong Calls to Action

A call to action could be a question that you know will resonate with the audience so think about your triggers carefully. If a call to action isn’t clear then this will be reflected in the results you will see. Try sharing new content or channelling the recipient through a specific route to build value.

5. Do the numbers add up?

Track and measure results on opens and clicks and follow up with individuals that have engaged

You might want to try split testing with different headlines to see what gets the best result.

6. Do I know you? The all-important senders name

A named sender or brand name is likely to get a better open rate than generic mailboxes such as in[email protected] This is increasingly important to mobile users where the senders name is typically emboldened on the first line and can mean a deciding factor in whether to open a message or not.

7. Mobile Friendly Emails

The huge increase of mobile devices used to view emails mean mobile friendly emails are imperative, so your email needs to look great regardless of what device is used to view it. When writing mobile friendly copy short paragraphs in a single column template work best. Some users may view without images so balance out text and images. It is also worth spreading out any links/calls to action so it is easy for recipients to act on them.

8. Spam Score

Before you press send always test. Does the email arrive in your inbox rather than junk (and test this with a sample of email addresses – hotmail, outlook etc.), can you check the spam score, what time works best for sending – morning, mid-day or end of the day?

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