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Creative ways to foster growth for ambitious agencies

Creative ways to foster growth for ambitious agencies
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The right recruitment CRM is an essential way to manage candidates, contacts, companies and vacancies. However, technology that is right for a start-up won’t necessarily be right for the larger, multi branch recruitment agencies.

Recruitment CRM can offer some easy ways to foster growth for ambitious agencies, whether it be helping to secure an extra deal or having the best talent on your books. Here are a few ways to let cloud-based recruitment technology work for you to improve your productivity and business intelligence.

  • Make sure your careers site is your shop window. Encourage candidates at every opportunity to register on your website to receive intelligent job alerts as soon as vacancies are published.

  • Optimise how you communicate with candidates. Can you get candidates quickly and accurately into your CRM in a compliant way? Are you able to synchronise your email accounts such as MS outlook to your recruitment CRM so that every email and SMS is tracked to the right company/candidate?

  • Be quick to react to vacancies and get them in front of job seekers. Explore the sourcing channels available to you and know what works to reach the right quality and quantity of candidates i.e. job boards, social media.

  • Review how you search within your recruitment CRM – having advanced search capabilities across skills, location, experience etc. will pinpoint a targeted pool of candidates.

  • Get the right candidates in front of clients quicker. Your recruitment CRM should be able to anonymise uploaded CV’s and brand with your corporate identity.

  • Manage your client’s volume recruitment campaigns easily through a custom portal for managing individual’s careers. Swiftly filter and search across candidates using any criteria to create long & short lists. By managing the entire workflow online you can automate and manage with ease assessment centre booking and interview slot-picking etc.

  • Automated screening checks such as right to work and background checks will help to reduce your administrative workload in a compliant way and the end result is improved time to hire.

  • Get the full picture of your recruitment business. Tracking helps to identify the good bits and areas where you need to improve. Then you can make continual improvements in an informed way to keep your business growing. Your reporting and analytics should provide an at a glance view in real-time of performance by individual, team, location etc that demonstrate where you can be more productive.

These are just a few ideas for fostering growth of ambitious agencies and the key is in ensuring recruiters spend more time selling and less time with unproductive administration. Those forward thinking agencies will use their recruitment CRM to improve communication across their own organisations too.

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