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Technology | Practical ways to get to the right candidates

Practical ways to get to the right candidates
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It’s one thing finding the perfect candidate, but often that’s not enough, you need to find the ideal candidate quickly before your competition swoops in and beats you to the punch. Use your Recruitment CRM to help you gain the competitive edge and check that you can:

  • Pinpoint the most suitable candidates within your Recruitment CRM for each job using Advanced Search based on the relevant criteria. It’s always best to see if the perfect candidate is already on your database before hitting the job boards!

  • Quickly and easily broadcast jobs to job boards and multi-posting services. Ensuring your vacancies are widely advertised on relevant job boards will give you a higher chance of getting to the right candidate quickly.

  • Seek out passive candidates across social networks.

Build an accurate database

You can’t meet clients’ expectations without quality candidates - so building (and maintaining) a well-populated, reliable and compliant database is fundamental to the success of your business. When looking to expand, manage and improve your data:

  • Getting the explicit, affirmative consent of your candidates, either active or passive, is essential to demonstrate your commitment to GDPR compliance.

  • Automate rules for profile updates

  • Keep your data records clean and accurate. Flag candidates with no recent activity and keep in touch with them to check their consent and data preferences, upload an updated CV or remind them to login to your candidate portal to check all their details are up-to-date.

Improve your service to candidates

Great candidates expect first class service when making what could be one of the most important decisions of their career. Candidates want a simple and fuss free application process and to be kept informed. Providing each candidate with access to their personalised dashboard directly from your recruitment website will enable candidates to register for job alerts, submit applications with ease, and even select their preferred interview time slots! However, don’t forget the personal touch and make time for candidate interaction.

Know your sources

When getting creative to find the right candidates is there a correct order in which to use the sourcing channels available to you? As a starting point identify the sources that help you achieve your quickest placements. Are you confident that you’re spending time and money in the right places? Your Recruitment CRM should be able to show you, at a glance, which candidate sources are the most successful, so it’s worth checking what’s working to source candidates faster and smarter.

The latest UK Candidate Attraction Report looks specifically at Candidate Sourcing Workflows and the significant differences between how agencies and in-house recruiters approach new jobs. The free report also examines the effectiveness of the main sourcing channels. Download your copy today.

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