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Social Media | Smart Recruiting with Professional Social Networks

Smart Recruiting with Professional Social Networks
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In general, in-house recruiters are finding decent results with most of their sourcing channels, with Website (92%) and Professional Social Networks (84%) the most used channels by in-house recruiters.

The 2018 Candidate Attraction Survey rated Professional Social Networks as a ‘Talent Magnet’ and one of the most widely used and high-performing sourcing channels. However, those results are not across the board and some industries, such as Hospitality/Leisure, Health & Social Care and Education fair less well, struggling to identify enough candidates.

Make the most of your professional identity

LinkedIn, the channel most associated with professional identity and business networking provides an effective platform for companies to showcase their brand, values and act as a shop window for potential candidates.

Candidates are encouraged to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date with their latest skills and experience that showcase their personal brand and desirable qualities. But are organisation’s following this advice and keeping their company LinkedIn page accurate to showcase the best of what they have to offer?

It is worth checking your LinkedIn company page to see if you are using the latest functionality. You can now add taglines relevant to your brand, add a call to action button that can be used for visitors to contact you, or see jobs, learn more, register etc. You can even use this functionality on mobile now, which was not previously available!

To be considered an active company on LinkedIn you need 150+ followers and to be posting content a minimum of once a week, but typically 3 times per week!

Brand imagery for cover images and posts that convey recognisable and slick visuals will engage your audience. Many are moving away from stock images to ‘real’ photos of your people and workspace, reflecting the company culture. As well as corporate branding, consider employee quotes, testimonials and videos to build engagement and grow your online presence. LinkedIn, as with other social platforms, are a great way to inject some personality to your pages.

Showcase pages

If you have multiple business brands then using showcase pages as an extension of your LinkedIn company page could help to share brand or specific business unit content. Individual platforms for different areas of your business, where brand values and company messages vary, can help to engage with the different target audiences.

Lead the pack

Become a thought leader with your content. Hashtags are now being used extensively to engage with communities so don’t forget to add # to your posts. Use LinkedIn ‘Content Suggestions’ to see what content is trending in your industry and then share these trending topics and articles. All designed to connect with like-minded individuals.

Don’t stop there. Take a look at the in-depth review of Professional Social Networks as a candidate attraction channel (by industry size & sector).

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