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Candidate Attraction | How to keep ahead in recruitment

How to keep ahead in recruitment
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The pace of recruitment is fast and continually evolving, and with the employment rate reaching a record high* of 76.1%, it can be a challenge for recruiters to find and place candidates in certain roles and fields.

The rise of channels in which job seekers can search and apply for roles is also fluid and continues to develop. Social media channels, professional social networks, CV databases, job boards and search engines add to the complexity of staying ahead in the candidate attraction field.

Recruiters need to adapt to these changes and be resourceful, differentiate their services, demonstrate their value add and know where to find credible and experienced candidates.

The Labour Market Outlook

The latest quarterly CIPD Labour Market Outlook reported that employers are most likely to be struggling to fill vacancies where specific skills are required. On average, employers state that 62% of their hard-to-fill jobs are skills-based. Private sector SMEs are finding recruitment more difficult, with 65% reporting hard-to-fill roles are skills-based compared with 57% of larger private employers.

Securing sought after candidates

It is often the case that candidates, especially with sought after skills and expertise, will often have more than one job bubbling under or may not even be actively looking – but with the right engagement, harvested over time, can tip the balance with the smallest thing to secure that star candidate.

Engagement with these elusive candidates can be time-consuming, requires trust, ongoing nurturing, calls to check in and understand any changes in the situation and can be a step too far for in-house recruiters – presenting an excellent opportunity for agency recruiters to find the candidates hardest to acquire.

Recruitment marketing tactics can be used to complement job postings and build engagement, yet to a large degree are still relatively untapped. You can find out more about tactics in the 2018 Candidate Attraction Report, Recruitment Marketing Tactics section (page 56).

Many candidates are passive, so look at how you can best reach and engage with them. Consider using video, newsletters with helpful advice to help to build a pool of candidates who are star performers.

Recruiters are often subject matter experts when it comes to skills, pay and regional influences. Can you leverage your knowledge? Perhaps consider conducting and publishing your own research that you can share around your areas of expertise.

Technology can support the creating and targeting of talent pipelines. Having a skills library and being able to match the most suitable candidates for vacancies quickly means you can keep track of activity and be ready to meet talent needs rapidly. The more you can automate management of your talent pool the easier it will be to measure and monitor the health and engagement of talent – and be ahead in filling those hard to fill roles.

This Talent Pooling datasheet will share how to search, segment and market to your talent pools.

Download the Talent Pooling datasheet

*ONS – Labour Force Survey