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Candidate attraction | What works to recruit the best talent for mid-size organisations?

What works to recruit the best talent for mid-size organisations?
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As the 2019 UK Candidate Attraction Survey launches to recruiters across the UK, we reflect on some of the research from last years report.

Research has shown that organisations with between 1001 – 5000 employees rely on their website and professional social networks as the top channels for sourcing candidates. But there are other sourcing channels that are delivering the right results too.

The sourcing quadrant shown below, taken from the 2018 UK Candidate Attraction Report, provides an at a glance view of the channel usage for mid-size organisations and the results they are delivering.

1001-5000 employees sourcing quadrant 2019

Employee referrals, along with professional social networks, lead the way in sourcing the required quality and quantity of candidates. Careers sites are also starting to produce the right results and with more candidate centric content could improve further. The quadrant also shows that Pay Per Click is used by just 9% of respondents but appears to be providing a good balance of candidates. These results are quite different to SME organisations with under 250 employees who, in 2018, got the best balance of candidates from Specialist Job Boards and CV Databases.

This year’s UK Candidate Attraction Survey is now open for recruiters, talent management teams, HR professionals and all others involved in recruitment to participate.

The 2018 survey involved over 850 recruitment professionals input to shape a comprehensive insight into candidate sourcing channels and how each deliver to provide the levels of quantity and quality of candidates by industry and size of organisation.

All recruitment teams are invited to take part in this year’s survey, just follow the link. Once results have been aggregated into the Sourcing Quadrants, the extensive FREE report will be able to download. Anyone who completes the survey can also enter the prize draw for £250 Amazon vouchers.

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