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Strategy | Top tips for succeeding in retail recruitment

Top tips for succeeding in retail recruitment
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Retail is the UK’s largest private sector employer with 2.9 million employees.

After a continued period of upheaval through changing consumer behaviours and challenging economic conditions, retailers are becoming ever more savvy about their business operations, not least with recruitment. In this insight, we uncover top tips for succeeding in retail recruitment.

Retailers are just one industry to experience volume recruitment requirements, even more so in the run-up to Christmas and January sales. The need for the right staffing levels to maintain standards of service is imperative.

Sourcing channel winners

We know from the UK 2018 Candidate Attraction Survey Results that retailers rely on their website for finding candidates for their open positions, but there is widespread use of Professional Social Networks - like LinkedIn (82%) and Employee Referrals (74%).

In-house recruitment teams within the retail sector also turn to agencies for help in filling their jobs, which can have an impact on a company's cost of hire.

Using your e-recruitment solution and Applicant Tracking System can boost your efforts to recruit talent. Here are some tips for winning with retail recruitment.

1. Do you pre-screen to improve candidate quality? Pre-defining your screening questions to vacancies can help you progress the right mix of candidates with appropriate skills and experience to the later stages.

2. Are you looking at the complete picture of your candidates? Define which are the most essential attributes and use your e-recruitment tools to produce a shortlist based on the attributes, distance from the job location, previous roles, and so on.

3. Recruit proactively and avoid unnecessary agency costs. Check your e-recruitment solution is working to create and manage your hierarchy of desired skills, that you can then use to match candidates to vacancies and internal hiring managers.

4. Can you automate booking for assessment centres and interviews? In doing so, you give candidates the flexibility to select what works for them and cut down on administration.

5. Finding and attracting candidates can be the responsibility of many people. In providing a centralised shared-service that works with managers at a branch level you can facilitate collaborative recruitment on the go. Provide your hiring managers with the ability to raise job requisitions and submit them for approval, arrange interviews, manage candidate communications and record every action. You can read more here.

Run a test to see how quickly you can search across your database to identify qualified candidates that you can convert into great new hires. It should be easy and quick to do this.

You can read more on the UK Candidate Attraction report specific findings for the retail sector here. It includes a breakdown by channel usage, measurement of effectiveness and useful webinars and free tools.

Download the full report to compare how retail recruitment compares to other sectors such as hospitality, social care, financial services, engineering and many more.

Download the report