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Success | Time to revisit your recruitment strategy?

Time to revisit your recruitment strategy?
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Online recruitment continues to evolve from simple job listings to a fully integrated end to end service that can work to differentiate you from the competition. But is your approach as effective as it could be?

In this insight, we will look at what makes a recruitment strategy a success and indicators it is time to revisit your approach.

When deploying a successful e-recruitment strategy, the first step is to define your objectives and what will be required to meet your business objectives. For example:

  • Cut down administration overhead by moving away from spreadsheets

  • Reduce the cost of hire

  • Accelerate the time to hire

  • Improve the quality of hire

  • Build and nurture a talent pool

  • Handle volume recruitment better

  • Deliver a better candidate experience

Analyse current performance

Understanding the relationship between time, cost and quality should be at the heart of your E-recruitment strategy. Tracking recruitment performance in this way will provide a clear measure of your success and progress and identify any areas for review. Your high-level stats and dashboards are an excellent place to start analysing your current performance. If you don’t have self-service recruitment analytics available then start with tools such as spreadsheets or basic ATS insights if you have these.

A tech solution alone will not deliver a successful strategy

Having a holistic E-Recruitment strategy for your business can put you in a great position to attract, engage, recruit and onboard top talent. But purchasing recruitment software alone does not guarantee your success. Neither will settling for a solution that does not fully address your current and future needs. Planning your strategy requires careful consideration of each stakeholder group within your recruitment journey, e.g. candidates, hiring managers, HR, PSL/agencies, etc. If you can identify their needs, assess your current capabilities and determine what you need to take your strategy forward you are on to a winner.

Is your employer brand working for you?

Ensuring your employer brand remains consistent at each candidate touchpoint will aid the strategy success. Consider how your E-Recruitment platform is integrated into your careers site. Traditionally, many Applicant Tracking Systems deliver a poor experience for the candidate and offer only limited customisation options that are unable to incorporate your brand fully. The “classic” ATS journey would be to start from a well-designed careers site that focuses on candidate experience and engagement and then on clicking through to a job to apply, ending on a poorly designed template, often running on the ATS providers domain name with no easy route back to content pages.

It’s all in the planning

Plan your delivery and training strategy for the effective roll-out of any new solution or process change. So many recruitment strategies fail for not considering ‘how’ the changes will be implemented and how this will be delivered alongside business as usual.

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We have a helpful summary for online recruitment success that covers stakeholder involvement, capturing requirements, successful implementation and deployment and lessons learnt from successful case studies.

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