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Resourcing | Good candidates are getting harder to come by - so what should we do?

Good candidates are getting harder to come by - so what should we do?
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The latest research into UK Candidate Attraction looks in detail at how both agency and in-house recruiters are attracting talent and which promotional activities, channels and sources are helping to fill their roles.

In this insight, we share some of the content from the research. We’ll look at the experiences of recruiters within different industries and company sizes – and there are differences.

The research presents results in ‘Sourcing Quadrants’ that plot each candidate sourcing channel based on the quantity and quality of candidates each generates. The top right quadrant, for example, shows us both higher quality and quantity of candidates. Whereas channels in the red quadrant are generally underperforming.

…and the Number 1 challenge for recruiters is…

We start with the news that, for the fourth year running, candidate scarcity was identified as the number one challenge, affecting 64% of in-house recruitment teams. In particular, candidate scarcity is a major issue for Legal; Science & Pharma; Construction; Engineering and IT sectors. There are also differences in the size of organisations – 70% of SME’s facing this as an issue and 52% of larger (10,000 FTE) organisations.

Work smarter – get measuring

Knowing that good candidates are getting harder to come by, you’d think we’d be getting smarter at knowing which sourcing channels are delivering through measuring and monitoring their performance over time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case; for example, one third don’t (or can’t) measure their candidate sourcing channels. The research shows that to maximise channel effectiveness, recruiters need access to analytics to review and improve the performance of each channel.

In-house talent acquisition workflow

Which are the sourcing activities that recruiters reach for first when presented with a new vacancy to fill? There are significant differences in how agencies and in-house approach it that’s for sure. With only 45% of organisations having an active talent pool nurturing strategy, in-house recruiters are still far more likely to seek new candidates rather than approach candidates they have talked with in the past. Likely missing out on a wealth of easy to match candidates.

Free stuff!

You can download the full 70+ page free UK Candidate Attraction Report here. It’s an in-depth analysis of which sourcing channels generate the best results, by industry and company size and further insights on ways to succeed with candidate attraction.

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