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Video interviews | Getting to know candidates in a new way

Getting to know candidates in a new way
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Video interviews are increasingly part of the recruitment process with recruiters and HR teams responding to changing circumstances.

Participating in interviews from home or outside of traditional business hours provides a flexible way to keep recruitment moving. Here are some ideas for how you can engage with talent at scale.

While some organisations and candidates are comfortable in using video interviewing, it can be daunting for both interviewee and interviewer in getting to grips with how best to use the technology to create the best impression. It is crucial that if adopting this method, recruiters think it through from the candidates perspective as well as ensuring the review process is a level playing field.

Ideas to consider…

The Health and Social Care sector is experiencing a surge in recruitment, and this has created opportunities to recruit new people to the sector in permanent, temporary and volunteer roles. For this type of volume recruitment of remote workers, consider using standardised sets of screening questions that only require short answers against acceptance criteria for progressing suitable candidates.

An alternative to scheduling and conducting 'live' video interviews, instead consider allowing your candidates the opportunity to record their answers, either as video or audio – many companies are now embedding video questions into their online application process.

Candidates will appreciate the opportunity to have several 'chances' at recording to upload their preferred video or audio content and provide a considered response. By ensuring each candidate has the opportunity to answer the same questions, you'll have a consistent basis on which to make your assessments, as well as removing the need for interview scheduling, thereby saving time and freeing up your resources for later stages.

Consider how technology can enable video and audio interviews at any stage of the process aligned to values-based recruitment. It is an opportunity to let candidates express their personality and creativity but also your recruitment team will get a more rounded, dynamic overview - something a CV alone cannot deliver.

Online application screening can help in its simplest form to provide fairness in screening, manage large volumes of recruitment and identify talent early in the process. Online screening should be customisable and be flexible to enable tailored questions, timed questions, allowing video and audio retakes and provide flexible grading and scoring options.  Does yours?

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