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Climbing the ranks with Philip Braham, Founder & Managing Director at Remedium Partners

This month, Recruiment Grapevine charts the career journey of Philip Braham, Founder and Managing Director at Remedium Partners



2008 – 2011

Business Management and Asia Pacific Studies

University of Leeds

Whilst at Leeds, I was the Sports Coordinator for the society and I had a pivotal role in making sure that the successful sporting side to our society was maintained.



The best piece of advice that I could give someone is that recruitment isn’t rocket science – it’s not something that you need many different qualifications to do. You will get rejection and you will have difficult situations to overcome but you have got to have a positive attitude throughout. Before we can even teach technique, it’s about having the right attitude and that’s the philosophy here. You can’t teach attitude, but you can teach technique. 



2011 – 2013

Executive Consultant

A lot of it was learning on the job and was situational-based such as dealing with doctors or situations with clients in which I have obviously taken into training with a lot of the recruitment consultants at Remedium. This job taught me that hard work is important.



2014 – Present

Founder and Managing Director

Emergency Medicine Group

Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor and I loved science – unfortunately that didn’t work out. But when I graduated from Leeds in Business Management, I got quite a few job offers and it stuck with me that firstly, I had a passion for medicine and secondly, there will always be a need doctors in the world. So, that’s why was I chose [this career path] because medicine is something that is universal.



I travel a lot for work, so I have seen a lot of Asia, but also Europe and America. I like travelling and I think it’s very important. 



“We started Remedium Partners in the back of my garden shed”



2014 – Present

Founder and Managing Director


We started the business in 2013 and it actually stemmed from what I saw and what I learnt in my old company. Whilst I was there, I saw how much the NHS was suffering from extortionate agency spend and I saw that there weren’t really any companies offering permanent substantive recruitment - which would reduce the agency locum spend for the NHS. I noticed a gap in the market to solely provide permanent doctors, bring down the agency doctor locum spend and look at international recruitment to bring in doctors from all around the world.