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Climbing the ranks with Lorna Davidson, CEO of RedWigWam

Climbing the ranks with Lorna Davidson, CEO of RedWigWam

This month, Recruitment Grapevine charts the career of Lorna Davidson, the Chief Executive Officer of 24/7 recruitment agency, RedWigWam.

Davidson, who started up with the knowledge that “recruitment needed to be done better, and faster,” takes us on her career journey...


1984 - 1988

BA Business Studies

Some of the best years of my life (pre-children!) had to be at university. As well as meeting some great friends who I still regularly see, it taught me a lot about myself and others, and set me on the right path to where I am now.



1988 - 1991

Territory Sales Manager 

Straight after university, I joined Kellogg’s as a Territory Sales Manager for the North West, where I learnt to sell using features and benefits, not just my winning personality. I was promoted to Regional Manager for Central Scotland in 1990 and moved to Glasgow.  



I love spending time with my family walking our three dogs Ellie, Gus and Ted in the countryside. I also follow the success (or otherwise) of Liverpool FC.



1991 - 2000

National Account Manager

I absolutely loved working for Mars during my time as a National Account Manager and then National Account Controller, where I was marketing and selling anything from pies and mash potato to pet food. It was a great business that taught me how to be self-sufficient and results orientated.



I recently spent time by myself in Thailand, where I actually managed to get though seven books in a week! That really helped me on the way to my 52 book challenge in 2018.



2000 - 2011


I began Tactical Solutions, a field sales agency that employed 1,000 members of staff, quite literally from my garden shed! As my first business venture, Tactical Solutions taught me everything from finance and marketing to people management, but most of all I learned to enjoy the ride and to appreciate and be proud of people’s achievements. In 2011, I sold the business to St Ives PLC.



To be successful at work, I truly believe you need to enjoy it and it has be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. 



2016 - Present


Starting a new business is always hard, regardless of your experience and in 2014 I formed The Mothership Group, which operates a number of businesses - one of them being RedWigWam, a short-term recruitment agency that specialises in matching businesses looking for reliable, temporary employees. It was born out of a belief that there was a way for a company to never miss an opportunity due to not having sufficient quality staff.  It was also backed up by the view that the job market is changing and people are and will continue to demand flexibility in how they work.